Friday, November 5, 2010

Our excitement today

Today we are off to Homeland security..we all have to attend for " capture of our Biometrics'....I will let you know what that fully entails when we get home..or maybe while we are all sitting waiting..unless they are very efficient and it runs to time...who knows.

teh overview is finger prints, retina scans and maybe teeth imprints....will let you know what they do do!!!!

It is the first time we have taken the boys out of school during the day, because the system is very strict here for that, and  if the kids have 10 unauthorized absences in a school year then we are in violation of Texas state law..the actual law is...The Texas compulsory school attendance Law ( chapter 25 of the Texas education code)..they then request the parents/guardians to attend trainings on why education is important...just not worth the we just don't take them out of school..

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