Friday, November 5, 2010

Hallowe'en 2010

So this year, we held a cove Halloween party, there are 7 houses in our cove, and we had a lot of fun. normally there is not a lot of trick or treating as the houses are quiet a distance from each other, so people tend to go to other neighbour hoods, but this year I organised us doing something together and inviting people to us. it was a lot of fun.and although i was really quiet ill running up to it, it still came together..and the neighbors really enjoyed the kids being next year we will do the same and be better organised..

It does mean that i did not take photo's, as I was not just sitting around waiting for trick and treaters , Allan was dressed as a pirate again..and managed to do the 'voice' for about 4 that needs a round of applause..and for those of us listening..a lot of alcohol.

So the photo of Cara and Jamie ( Ben best friend) and his sister Bonnie, were taken by my friend, Jo thank you Jo Ann for actually being on the ball and taking some photo's.


Allan said...

Aaar me hearties!

Abi said...

Yo Ho Ho & a bottle of (well deserved) RUM!