Tuesday, August 17, 2010

school is nearly back

the holiday is nearly over, and the kids go back to school on Monday. I think they have had a fantastic holiday with lots going on. Jack is now back with us after two months in UK ( apart from two weeks in Spain) and has had a great time, he is full off stories and humour, he has been missed and it is wonderful to have all my children under one roof.

I am now planning for Christmas, Thanksgiving is first which is another family time food eating time, and we hope to have friends around again..it was such a great time last year, loads of food, drink, talk and laughter..and just plain old chillin'...I like thanksgiving, all the good bits of Christmas with out the presents.

I, as many of you will not be surprised, have started my Christmas shopping, and feel ready for that event, most of my Christmas cards are made and hopefully we will be enjoying a great family and friend holiday again. hint hint Jo and Alan.

 I am so far behind with the blog I am not sure what is on there or not, I can see I will need to read the main blog to see what pictures would help you all catch up with our lives...which visitors have been out and friends and events we have been too.

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Abi said...

You must be looking forward to tomorrow!