Friday, August 27, 2010

ARM summer do

Allan and Alex about to go and speed across Lake Travis..
Alexander ready for action
We were all at Lunch..well not all Jack was in UK and Cara else where that day..but she would have loved to be with us( well the jet skis!!)
Ben and I ready to head out..blistering hot, and Ben just wanted to go faster..He loved it when I had water spraying everywhere..I hated it..but want to go out again and much fun
ARM kindly sent out some pictures and I thought you would like to see them..a fun family day, we had never been up to Volente beach but will go again now..the boys loved the water is a water park with a small beach (which the sand was too hot to walk on!!) was a fun we need to take all of them. Cara already knows she loves jet skis and goes out anyway with A and B are hooked..although I think Ben will opt for Allan next time..apparently I am just not fast enough.
Oh do you like my wonderful hat..I bought that at the Grand canyon..i love it..not sure about the rest of my family..and it is lime green so that is even better.

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