Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jack's birthday

Its is May 6th 2014 and Jack is spending his twentieth birthday away from us, and his second birthday overseas. He is still stationed in Okinawa, Japan, although at the moment he is in the Philippines, so his 19th birthday was in Japan and his 20th in the Philippines, he is traveling for sure.
Ben went to bailey middle school today, as he is now in his last year of Elementary school, and will be moving up to 6th grade, and will have one year with Alex ( who is now known to most as Xander) .
Alex will be heading into 8th grade, they are all growing up so fast.

Cara has her own house not far away, has a great job working for ARM in facilities and seems to be living life to the full.

Mum has been out to visit for the month of April, which was fantastic, we went to Napa for 4 days and enjoyed ourselves.
Cara and I went to New York for her birthday present, and met Alison and Ellie there, a great time was had by all.
I celebrated my birthday in San Diego, with friends that flew in from all over the US, which was a lot of fun, so travel has been a happening in this house.


Jon Older said...

Wow everyone's growing up so quick.
Love that Alex is now known as Xander - same as our first :-)

Tamzin Cochrane said...

but not by his mother!! he has even changed his email address himself!!, seems what we want to call him is not what he wants- quiet funny really.