Friday, May 16, 2014

another week has gone by

I can't believe another week has gone by, Always glad when Fridays arrive, it means the school routine is over for two days!! Only three weeks left of school, as we break up on 5th June, and Jack arrives home that day, which makes it a very special day in deed. We will not have seen him for over 18 months. So it will be a day to celebrate, Ben is finished with elementary school, and Jack comes back home for a holiday from Okinawa.

Ben is doing well at Karate, he is now a blue belt and is hoping to be able to test while Jack is here for his next belt, advanced Blue, but that might be difficult, a lot to learn in two months, the saving grace will be that he is in summer camp at Karate, so will get extra tuition time in June, fingers crossed.
Ben being congratulated by the board after testing for his belt on April 29th 2014
Alex has the firing range on his 13th birthday

Opening the presents

cookie cake time, friends and family
Alex had a great birthday, we threw a surprise party for him, and it was a surprise- so funny. He had no idea. I do not think  he will ever say to me again I want a surprise party mum, because i managed to pull it off for him!! Of course he had totally forgotten he had asked for one, that is the secret. But his 13th was an amazing day, which was turned in to a fantastic weekend, his friend Joary flew in from Las Vegas to spend it with him, and it was a VERY full and fun time.
Cara kindly let us use her house for the party, which made it even easy to surprise him .

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Abi said...

Oh well done on the surprise party but if anyone can pull it off, it's you! Lovely photos xx