Monday, May 23, 2011

Swim team is back

So we are back to that time of year, swim team meets Monday to Thursday and then there is a swim meet against another team every Saturday. Our first home meet was on Saturday, Allan was down at the pool on the Friday night and then 6am on the Saturday. The Boys went down for 7.30, early starts to try and avoid the heat of the day.

They both did very well and Ben won one of his races and volunteered to take someone else's place when they panicked about doing butterfly. Then asked, what is butterfly? After a 20 second demo out of the water , his race was called and in he went.. He did a wonderful job, we were all so proud of him, it is not an easy stroke and you would never have known he had not done it. He came second and his only comment was it was hard work! Love that boy.

Alex had a good day as well.. I do not have photos of it, will ask Allan but since I am sitting at swim practice now I will take a photo or two.

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Abi said...

Woohoo, well done Ben, you look so very grown up!!