Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jack will be driving soon.. Staying in UK could be a good option

So we have finally gone and done it.. Jack starts his driving next week.. He could have started last May when he turned 15, but for some reason I have not managed to sort all the paperwork out. Been hasseled enough now and he starts next Monday. He is having lessons but in Texas the test is not that arduous so we will have to see what transpires... Luckily Allan has a deep well of patience all ready for him driving with us as well... At 16 he is free... Oh boy.. The joys of living in a different country, he can not drink Alcohol until 21 but he can drive earlier.. Actually he can drink alcohol but Allan or I have to be present, he can notbuy it until 21... Of course you can marry younger than that, die for your country but not buy a beer.. Querky world we live in.

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Abi said...

Definitely a quirky world, downright bizarre on occasions! Good luck to Jack with the driving. x