Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our weather

I know you have had a lot of snow and everyone seems fed up with it..well except the kids out of school they seems to be giving me the impression on Facebook that more snow the better!! but we have had it cold as well...I know it is winter her and December and January are cold..but compared to UK it should be like late September...but no...they had the coldest weather in 14 years and we have had three consecutive nights of below freezing...this is not blood is thinning. Even Alex and Ben are saying it is cold...we have had the heating on so much more than last year..hard to judge if that is all to do with weather or because of the new house as well, it is larger and has many more windows, and also much more shade in the form of trees in out back yard and windows that have a shade that stops direct light...we will see if we need to insulate more if the house is hot in the summer. that means we have a problem, but when summer starts in March and ends in October the heat is a bigger new home, new experiences and waiting for a full year to see the full effects of everything. loving the house though..will get around to posting pictures sometime...going to stop saying soon..:-)

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