Monday, June 8, 2009

our weather

I thought I would let you all know that summer is not officially here yet, it starts on June 21st ( fathers day for us, and I believe UK, although strangely mothers day was 2 months apart). our lows are now in the low 70's and our highs are reaching 100 some days, remember that is not in direct sun either....roll on summer.

Also Hurricane season was officially started last Monday as well, so we are rolling now, will give you any updates as they happen, but all is pleasant at the moment.

Our Texas road experience

I have not laughed so much in ages. Allan and I were on our way to Enchanted rock to climb it, as part of our Wedding anniversary plans, and we followed TomTom and It has to be said the map also says this is a road, CO310 to be precise, but as soon as we turned onto it, we knew this was going to be an eventful journey!!! Allan ahd a sene of humour failure to start with, but loosened up. You need to remember we are in a Saab convertible, not a Texas truck!!!

Pictures of Cara

here are some photo's of Cara off roading...she got to drive and had a great day

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As you can see, here is the scrapbook, my craft skills still far out weigh my computer skills because it is back to front in how it is presented to you...I started with the front though...computers...nightmare!!!

I covered school trips, sports day, Ms Obermillers favourite things, class photo's, letters we had the class write..not all of them are displayed, but you can get the gist, I hope you like it - Abi where were you.. this project was not for the faint hearted and I needed you!!!!

I have been scrapbooking

So I was asked if I would create a scrapbook for Alex's teacher for the year...this was an interesting request as i was only asked less than a fortnight ago...for you out there who do not scrapbook, this is not an easy task..but I am made of sterner stuff, so a scrapbook was created, and I thougth i would actually post it for you to see. I really enjoy making them, and in the middle of one for mum from her visit and Cara now for her friends to see her in texas when she returns for University in August.

Cara off roading

Cara went off roading with our next door neighbours, Jay and Londa. She missed out on the breakfast taco's!!!!

I thought I had pictures but seem not to, so watch this space and I will get some for you all to see. Cara went west to Mason and was allowed to drive the Jeep- Rubicon on the trails as well...scary at times but I have been assured exhilarating

Pool party

here are the younger party goers, enjoying some important to keep energy levels up.
Adults had to also eat...much more fact I should have eaten more, and the alcohol might not have gone straight to my head...Jo's dad was out visiting from UK, so he came over, I catered, and we used Diana and Johns house, as the pool was a main attraction for most.
Hot tubs are not just for relaxing in!!!!
More fun in the main pool, all the men ended up in the pool with the kids, I enjoyed the hot tub...not that it is heated anymore, the sun does that for us...

Thoughtful Alex

This is Alex eating his breakfast reading the comic strips in the local paper - Austin American Statesmen. I had made Breakfast taco's, with bacon and egg in, but as you can see he is more interested in the paper than the food!!
For your time line this was on Sunday, 24th may. The rest of us ate outside, but Alex decided it was too hot!! It is going to be a long summer. Our weather station recorded 100.5F yesterday, and remember it is recorded in the shade, not direct sun, so hot is the word.

Ben's Kinder end of year concert

This is the song I use to sing with the Brownies, so interesting to see them do it over here as well, they are swaying this way and that way, back and forth, just before drinking a bottle of rum!!!
My camera skills are still on the dubious side, so this is dark, but Ben is in the red T-shirt, back row, next to A green t-shirt!!! Hope that helps!!

They did this concert at 8am in the morning, and then took the kids on a field trip to look for fossils and then off to Ghatti Town...a huge pizza place with an amusement arcade at the idea of hell, but the kids love it.

For your time line this was last Thursday 28th May.

last day of school - finally

Well school is out, the children are all happy... 12 weeks of summer ahead of them..I wonder what i will look like by the end of it.

I am sorry I have not updated the blog recently, it has been crazy here, and finding time has been a challenge, but I will attempt to bring you up to speed over the next few days.