Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My new adventure

I am now making videos and posting them on YouTube, feel free to subscribe and help me build my presence on YouTube. Slowly I will be noticed, so feel free to speed that up for me. I also have a blog you can follow, which I am going to get some guest bloggers for, as I am not so great at remembering to post!!!

I know you are all thinking- we know that!!

life is very busy, summer holidays here, so A and B are off and enjoy themselves. J is in San Diego now, and enjoy that area of USA, while my darling Cara is here in Austin, working hard, trying to remember to relax and breath. They are relocating offices at the moment, so facilities is another word for Hell!!

My facebook page for all my cooking is Kitchen Coach, you can link there from my Tamzin Cochrane FB page, and I am also on twitter @fabkitchencoach

The  boys are getting many dishes made all the time, we are the house to visit if you are hungry.