Sunday, August 28, 2011

school is back

The summer is over and school is back. They have been back a week, and seem to enjoy there new teachers and love seeing friends.
For us it has been a hot week, reaching 110f (43c) this weekend, and the school run to cycle home is always fun..luckily for me, Allan is on his last week of sabbatical and has been doing all of the school runs, I am back on duty next week.
My dad arrives on Tuesday for a fortnight, Allan has a big birthday party on his birthday, which we are doing jointly with a friend, Jo, whose birthday is also September..actually i am doing the whole party..they are just an excuse to host a party, as neither of them ever wish to be the center of attention. Not that I do, but I do love filling my house with friends and making memories. parties work for me. Decorations are is going to be a lot of fun..and if Allan or Jo read this YOU WILL HAVE FUN.
it is t-shirt time of year, I am in charge of the PTA spirit wear, and that is launching this week as well, this year i want all orders in, order placed, merchandise back and delivered before Ben's birthday..last year it was hard work. i was icing his cake and people were knocking at the door wishing to change things...screaming did not help.