Monday, April 5, 2010

Cara birthday meal

They have a balloon man.... Lucky Cara.

he kept coming around as Alex and Ben wanted swords..dogs, cats..etc..poor escaping it was her Birthday..

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cara's birthday

Today she is did that happen..We have been out for Lunch at Freebirds and had burritos..Mum, Cara and I, then tonight we are all going out to the Steakhouse..will try and post a picture then of Cara..actually Allan had one as well, we bought it home for him..he is on pool maintenance again today!!! he is soooo lucky.

Although it is Easter is not a holiday for us, so Cara has to wait until the boys are in from school for her presents..she was not here this morning when they went to school as she is kitten now she has to look at the presents and not have them...not long to go now..

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Ok... We are all here now

And Jack had even come off line from UK to join the family at the pool..oh the joys of family...although this is obviously a picture of Cara..who did eventually go and get her swimming costume on and join in the fun..we did not buy them( the kids!!) Easter eggs..they had pool toys in they had to be tried out.

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