Sunday, December 27, 2009

moving the the playscape into the garden...

They had such fun...I am sure they did. the hero's of the day managed to carry the platscape into the final resting mean feat this WAS heavy..they could only carry it for about 10 paces and then put it down, had to do some serious manoeuvrings through the gate and then through the trees..

Fran's visit to Austin

So we held a house warming and you were all invited, and Aunt Fran did come all the way from cold snowy UK to be with us...had to remind her lots and lots this is our winter as well..but we did have some warm days as well, went over 70f, and the lack of wind and sunny skies I think helped make it a fun and enjoy able visit.

Whaaaay i am back up and running, so will try and get the blog upto date for you all

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are getting ready to see the New Year in, who knows what it will bring for us all, but I hope it is a positive and joyous year for you all.

We had a wonderful Christmas, very enjoyable with a good mixture of noise, excitement, hot tub, family talk, family movies and just enjoying our own presents and peace and quiet. we were lucky enough to have two great friends for Christmas who helped make it special and add to the dynamics of the day...well 40 hours they spent with us...they are now in rehab I think....The Cochrane clan is a full on experience for sure...good times, good memories and such a great Christmas.
The new house is such a delight, we love it, and have settled in well, I will take more pictures now I am up and running again, Allan now has many days off to tackle a wide range of 'new house jobbies' he not a lucky chap.