Friday, November 26, 2010

At Seaworld

We are down at Seaworld instead of out with the crowds on the biggest shopping day of the year...will post from around the park.. Having a great few days off for fun.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

In the Spa

Ending a wonderful day

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The table full if people

Men are carving and they are waiting.. Already had soup and endive leaves filled with sweet potato and bacon topped with creme fraiche.. Now for Turkey!!

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Carving the Turkey

It still let's you carve it...and is really juicy..

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Thanksgiving lunch.. Cooking the Turkey and the trimmings

So lots of pictures , where we were drinking Champagne with friends, the stove cooking lots of delightful dishes, outside deep frying the turkey and Tex locked in her area so she can not get burnt by the oil...also the table ready for us to start eating the Thanksgiving feast in about 20 minutes... Hopefully will post more pictures for you all.. Alcohol consumption is the factor.. Temperature outside is 77.7f. The Spa is hot and today and tomorrow are national holidays.. Time for friends and food.. Yeah

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Alex did not wish to share his meal

A praying mantis on our decking furniture .. The boys decided to let it have it's own chair.. And they did not share their chocolate milks or twinkies

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Our weather this week

As you can see, we have a cold front coming in for Thanksgiving , but that is ok, as the kids are off school from Wednesday and it is picking back up next week.

We might light the fire in the family room on Thanksgiving just to check it out.. Have not lit it since Christmas day last year, but the Chimney has been swept so might give it a go if the temperatures are dropping.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Out for a sunday morning walk

At Zilker park, we went out for a walk, to help the boys make their marathon for kids again this year. that is where they have to walk/run 26 miles in 4 months, the opening ceremony was in October, and the closing ceremony is in February 2011. so this 5 mile walk adds to their total.

We are in the boat slip here, just walking down to the edge of Town Lake, at the start of the walk. I need to connect my phone so you can see other pictures from the lake, it was such a beautiful morning, with the temperature delightful, only in the 70's although the humidity was high, but you can't always win.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bens Thanksgiving performance

Ben's class, Obermiller's otters. They all sang wonderfully, and enjoyed performing in front of family and friends.  I was also selling coozies for the school at the performance, as i had some made up this year for the first time, and we are plugging them at the school performances. I was at family Fitness night the  week before, so people are now starting to see them and buy them..which is good as i had to buy 250 as a minimum, so we need to sell them!

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Ben is in the back row.. In lime green...

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Ben's Thanksgiving performance

Words tomorrow...

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Our excitement today

Today we are off to Homeland security..we all have to attend for " capture of our Biometrics'....I will let you know what that fully entails when we get home..or maybe while we are all sitting waiting..unless they are very efficient and it runs to time...who knows.

teh overview is finger prints, retina scans and maybe teeth imprints....will let you know what they do do!!!!

It is the first time we have taken the boys out of school during the day, because the system is very strict here for that, and  if the kids have 10 unauthorized absences in a school year then we are in violation of Texas state law..the actual law is...The Texas compulsory school attendance Law ( chapter 25 of the Texas education code)..they then request the parents/guardians to attend trainings on why education is important...just not worth the we just don't take them out of school..

Hallowe'en 2010

So this year, we held a cove Halloween party, there are 7 houses in our cove, and we had a lot of fun. normally there is not a lot of trick or treating as the houses are quiet a distance from each other, so people tend to go to other neighbour hoods, but this year I organised us doing something together and inviting people to us. it was a lot of fun.and although i was really quiet ill running up to it, it still came together..and the neighbors really enjoyed the kids being next year we will do the same and be better organised..

It does mean that i did not take photo's, as I was not just sitting around waiting for trick and treaters , Allan was dressed as a pirate again..and managed to do the 'voice' for about 4 that needs a round of applause..and for those of us listening..a lot of alcohol.

So the photo of Cara and Jamie ( Ben best friend) and his sister Bonnie, were taken by my friend, Jo thank you Jo Ann for actually being on the ball and taking some photo's.