Friday, August 27, 2010

Jack..the one and only picture from his hols

Jack, Alison and Thomas
jack has spent the summer in UK, and Spain..and here he is in Spain having a fun day out with Alison and all the family..I will be framing this and having it on my wall..three of my favourite people all together

Jelly Belly factory

here we are just before we actually entered the factory, they started giving us jelly belly's..we got to try the latest flavour of was good ..and as went around you tried them in different stages as was really great to see,
The factory was not at full production, it was just coming back after two weeks off, for maintenance..but it was still a great tour. I bought Belly Flops, which are the Jelly Bellys rejects, when they are graded for size, shape colour, before they print jelly belly on, they get rid off the rest..and , of course, bag them and sell them..they are so good..the ones that fall on the floor are sold to the local farmers for wastage at Jelly Belly

The Wild animal park-San Diego

They always like his hair..he just loved it
Ben was nervous to start with..but as you can see feeding the giraffes was in the end, a great experience
just before we climbed into the safari truck and went out into the enclosures..we had three game wardens with us, and a gun..did make you think..but all was well..


so this one was OK..then it started going down hill
this started slow and just got nasty..

I do not like fast is a fact, so why did I get on this and scare myself silly..

The Road Trip..more photo's

We are on the train going up to the Grand Canyon..we stayed the night at Williams, an old town with lots of character..and caught the Grand Canyon railway up to see the spectacular views.

ARM summer do

Allan and Alex about to go and speed across Lake Travis..
Alexander ready for action
We were all at Lunch..well not all Jack was in UK and Cara else where that day..but she would have loved to be with us( well the jet skis!!)
Ben and I ready to head out..blistering hot, and Ben just wanted to go faster..He loved it when I had water spraying everywhere..I hated it..but want to go out again and much fun
ARM kindly sent out some pictures and I thought you would like to see them..a fun family day, we had never been up to Volente beach but will go again now..the boys loved the water is a water park with a small beach (which the sand was too hot to walk on!!) was a fun we need to take all of them. Cara already knows she loves jet skis and goes out anyway with A and B are hooked..although I think Ben will opt for Allan next time..apparently I am just not fast enough.
Oh do you like my wonderful hat..I bought that at the Grand canyon..i love it..not sure about the rest of my family..and it is lime green so that is even better.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

school is nearly back

the holiday is nearly over, and the kids go back to school on Monday. I think they have had a fantastic holiday with lots going on. Jack is now back with us after two months in UK ( apart from two weeks in Spain) and has had a great time, he is full off stories and humour, he has been missed and it is wonderful to have all my children under one roof.

I am now planning for Christmas, Thanksgiving is first which is another family time food eating time, and we hope to have friends around was such a great time last year, loads of food, drink, talk and laughter..and just plain old chillin'...I like thanksgiving, all the good bits of Christmas with out the presents.

I, as many of you will not be surprised, have started my Christmas shopping, and feel ready for that event, most of my Christmas cards are made and hopefully we will be enjoying a great family and friend holiday again. hint hint Jo and Alan.

 I am so far behind with the blog I am not sure what is on there or not, I can see I will need to read the main blog to see what pictures would help you all catch up with our lives...which visitors have been out and friends and events we have been too.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Volente Beach

It is the Arm summer family day, lots of water slides, we have just been on Jet Skies, Ben decided I did not go fast enough, Alex totally happy with Allan's speed. Off to do the slide out on the lake, you have yo swim to it and then go down into the lake.. Great day for the boys

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand canyon

we went to the grand canyon on our way back from California, and it was spectacular..i flew over it recently as well on my way back from Utah, salt lake City, which was also an amazing sight.

I never seem to have time to finish this blog these days..i promise to spend more time on it next week and put loads of photos from our summer up there.